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Faenza– Half a Day Discovering Ceramic Art

Tour Details

Let us guide you around Faenza, a city known all over the world for its ceramic production so that the term Faïence
has become synonymous of ceramic in various languages.

The name of Faenza is strictly linked to the production of artistic majolica, as in ceramic are the street name signs, the
civic numbers and the signs of commercial activities.

Faenza is also an elegant town that since 1300, thanks to the local powerful family of the Manfredi, was embellished
with monuments and palaces that still have kept their charm.

This tour is all focused on the world of ceramics, and it includes an in-depth visit of the MIC – International Museum of
Ceramics: with more than 15.000 ceramic works it is the largest collection in the world of this ancient art. In its rooms, it
is documented the culture of ceramics spanning five continents and many centuries: from Classical Greece to Islamic
and Pre-Columbian ceramics, from the Italian Renaissance to masterpieces of contemporary artists such as Picasso,
Chagall, and Matisse. The museum is also committed to keeping the ceramic tradition alive with the establishment of
the “Premio Faenza”, an international biennial competition on artistic ceramics, and with the publication of the
magazine Faenza.

The ceramic tradition in town is not limited to museum space but is kept alive daily in the many artisan studios in the
city: a visit to a ceramic workshop will allow us to know in depth this ancient art and to meet ceramist masters who will
show the various processing stages of Faenza majolica and their works.


Faenza isn’t just ceramics. It is  is also an elegant town that since 1300, thanks to the local powerful family of the Manfredi, was embellished with monuments and palaces that still have kept their charm. Shortening (or cancelling) the visit to the MIC o to the ceramic workshop it would be possible to include a walk in the historical center, through the adjacent Piazza del Popolo and Piazza della Libertà, considered one of the most beautiful squares of Italy. Here we will admire the exterior of the palaces of the Podestà and the Capitano del Popolo, with the characteristic facades with a fifteenth-century loggia, and the Cathedral, built by Giuliano da Maiano, that has typical forms of the Florentine Renaissance.

The visiting order of the monuments is not the one listed above and is adjusted according to the needs of visitors. We do not assume responsibility for ticket increases or changes of monuments opening hours that may occur during the year.

For some questions you find a faster answer here than writing us:

Where can I park?

If you are by car there are some free parking in Ponte delle Grazie area, just a few minutes walking from the city center. In the city center there are also several parking lots with parking meter: the parking lot close to the central square is often busy in the morning due to the market. If you are by bus, the drop off /drop on point is at the bus station in Viale delle Ceramiche or in the railway station area.

Where do I meet the guide? 

If you are already in the city center the guide can meet you at your hotel, at a restaurant, in the ticket offices of the monuments or in the main square close to the fountain. If  you arrive directly for the guided tour then the guide can pick you up in the car parks or at the drop off/ drop on points.

Can mobility impaired people enter everywhere? 

Yes, the monuments of this itinerary are also accessible for mobility impaired people.

There will be entry fees for the monuments? 

Yes, the costs are as follows:

– MIC: € 10,00 –  € 7,00 for people over 65 years old, groups over 15 people – € 3,00 for students over 15 years old (high school and University) and teachers. Free for people under 14 years old and disabled people. During exhibitions, the entrance ticket may be subject to a supplement.

Is it necessary to book the entrance at the monuments?

The only mandatory reservation is for the ceramic workshop. For groups it is suggested to inform fot your visit the MIC and Palazzo Milzetti a few days beforehand.

Is it possible to pay the tickets in advance or with credit card?

Yes, it is.

Where are the tourist information offices?

In the main square under the Voltone della Molinella.

Are there public toilets?

Yes, in Via Marescalchi close to Piazza Martiri della Libertà.

Additional Info

Duration :
maximum 3 hours
When :
all year round, on Monday the MIC is closed
Transport :
this is a walking tour
Clothing :
we recommend comfortable shoes
Location :
48018 Faenza RA, Italia

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