About Us

For over 20 years serving tourists from all over the world


One of the key factors for an unforgettable visit is the guide that accompanies each tour: places and monuments often speak for themselves in terms of beauty, but the wonder itself is not enough to live a complete and memorable experience.

Il Papavero is an organization of highly qualified tour guides and tour leaders, who have a regular license and has been working in Ravenna area and in the main tourist places nearby for over twenty years.

During your visit, we will pass on to you all the passion and love for our lands and cities: they are places where we live every day and we decided to tell about them to every person who wishes to be part of it even for just a day.

Currently, we offer our services to more than 1500 travel agencies and tour operators, of which 500 are from foreign countries. More than a thousand schools (from primary to University level), from Italy and abroad have turned to us to have their pupils and students guided on their cultural visits.

Even local authorities, such as the Municipality and the Province of Ravenna, as well as many cultural organizations, private companies, congress tourism operators and cruise travel organizers regularly use our services.

We also provide escort services throughout the Italian and foreign territory, as well as linguistic assistance and interpreting services.

What can you see?

Our guides are specialized in guided tours of Ravenna and its neighboring localities, including: Faenza, the city of ceramics; the Po Delta River with Comacchio and its valleys and with the Romanesque Abbey of Pomposa; Rimini, ancient Roman town; the Este city of FerraraBologna, the city of the “two towers” and of the medieval porticoes and Modena, with its famous Romanesque Duomo.

In which language?

All Papavero guides are licensed in at least one foreign language. In total, the qualifications of the members and collaborators of the cooperative cover the languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Russian and Portuguese.

More information?

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